About me

Nina, Yogi, Environmentalist and Traveller

Hello, I’m Nina and I am born and raised in Munich but at home wherever I go. I am so grateful for my partents making travelling a huge priority. I experienced different cultures and environments.
I started 2015 with a Yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene and that made me fall in love with Yoga. I practiced regularily, but not until I was doing my semester abroad on Bali, that I attended classes and decided to do a Yoga Teacher Training.

So, in summer of 2017 I made one of the most magical, emotional and beautiful experiences with these beautiful and kindhearted yoginis in Ubud. I have experienced personal development and came closer to my innter truth.

Graduation Ceremony

Since April 2018, I’m teaching in companies and in summer I started giving yoga classed in the park connecting this with clean ups. Sharing my knowlege, bringing beautiful environmental dedicated human souls together and having a positive impact on the people and world.

I’m currently in my Business Bachelor’s Degree focusing on Accounting and International Management. However, I’m going deeper into Sustainability. I did several internships in cooperations and different departments. I learned a lot and especially that I do not see myself in a regular 9 to 5 hamster wheel.
The best thing so far, about my studies were my semesters abroad in 2017. I spent one in Ireland and one on Bali. I felt deeply in love with islands, the different cultures and especially the nature and sea.
I can only recommend taking up the envisaged opportunity. Going abroad enriched myself in every possible way.

If I see trash on the road or in the park, I’m picking it up. In 2018, I’ve been to Ireland twice and these travels had a huge influence on my life. I collected trash at the beach in Galway with a friend and then we showed our collection to the tourists and locales. The feedback we received was incredible. Let alone, collecting plastics, fisher’s gear and other thrown-away things felt so good, but the huge amount of trash was also frustrating.

Cleaning up Ireland and practicing Yoga in Dún Laoghaire, near Dublin

One by one, I started combing my love for Yoga and the Environment. Couple of weeks have elapsed, I was back in Munich and I had a vision. A vision of Clean Up Yogi. Raising environmental awarness and showing you how easy it is to reduce your plastic consumption, having a positive impact on nature.
Furth, I want to teach Yoga and hereby cleaning up yourself.
Take care of our planet. There is no plan(et) B.

Life is beautiful.


Nina, Clean Up Yogi